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Catching Up With Sweet Home Dollars for Scholars, Matching Grant Recipient

Sweet Home Dollars for Scholars Campaign Campout

Earlier this fall, dedicated volunteers from our Sweet Home Dollars for Scholars affiliate in western New York took the concept of “homecoming” to a whole new level: for a week, they made their high school’s football field their actual home.

Supporting Your First-Generation College Student

First generation graduates make a big difference for families.

For parents, sending a son or daughter off to college is always a little bit frightening. After all, they’re leaving home, moving in with new roommates and embarking on a whole new stage of life. And for parents who didn’t go to college themselves, the process can be even scarier -- while you want your child to succeed, you may feel like you don’t know where to start or how to help.

Dollars for Scholars Works on “Expanding Your Reach” at Affiliate Conferences

Expanding Your Reach Affiliate Conferences

The fall air may be turning crisper at Scholarship America headquarters in Minneapolis, but that hasn’t stopped the national travels of Dollars for Scholars staff for "Expanding Your Reach," this year’s Dollars for Scholars regional affiliate conferences.

Here’s Why Scholarships for Career and Technical Education Matter

Career and technical education students need your scholarship help

For American students, the educational experience is always changing: slide rules turned into graphing calculators, Trapper Keepers were replaced with tablets and class registration lines moved online. And as high schools and colleges continue to reshape themselves for the next century, their vocational and technical programs have undergone equally massive changes -- becoming more important to more students than ever before.

How You Can Help Solve the Student Loan Crisis


For recent college graduates, the knowledge, skills and relationships formed during their school years will equip them for years to come. Yet, for millions of these graduates, their higher education journey will also come with another post-graduation reality: student loan debt. And for some, that debt exponentially increases into a full-fledged crisis.

Families of Freedom Scholarship Fund Provides $104 Million (And Counting)

Families of Freedom featured in the New York Times

Thirteen years ago, the United States was struck by unimaginable tragedy. The attacks on New York City and Washington, D.C. on September 11, 2001, shocked the nation and left thousands of families with uncertain futures.

[VIDEO] Dollars for Scholars: Local Scholarships, National Support

Volunteer With Dollars for Scholars!

“My dream is to use Dollars for Scholars so that any community can change the young people in its own backyard.” —Dr. Irving Fradkin, Founder of Scholarship America Dollars for Scholars

5 Things Parents Need To Know About Financial Aid


College is a huge investment for families. And whether you've had one kid or several kids attend college, conversations surrounding finances have likely remained an essential part of your student's higher-ed journey.

Invest in Your Grandchildren’s Future with Scholarship Opportunities

Grandmother and grandchild

You’ve watched them grow up, cheered them on at countless soccer games and dance recitals and hoped they would have an abundance of opportunities. Now your grandchild is beginning (or maybe already attending) college and looking for resources to fund it—and you may be wondering how you can help.

Carol Baker is our 2014 Dollars for Scholars Volunteer of the Year!

Carol Baker, Oneonta Dollars for Scholars

Congratulations to Carol Baker of Oneonta Dollars for Scholars, winner of the 2014 Ralph “Cy” Seifert National Volunteer of the Year Award! Named after Scholarship America’s volunteer with the longest continuous service, the award recognizes an affiliate volunteer who has provided exemplary involvement with his or her affiliate, dedication to the strengthening and advocacy of Dollars for Scholars in the community and excellence in system citizenship. The honor comes with a $2,000 award for Oneonta Dollars for Scholars.

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