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Celebrating 2014 Dollars for Scholars National Affiliate Winners

2014 Scholarship Recipients resized 600
Source: Hope High Dollars for Scholars

In 1958, optometrist Dr. Irving Fradkin founded the initial Dollars for Scholars affiliate in Fall River, Massachusetts, urging the community to give at least one dollar to send its youth to college. Thousands of individuals and organizations have joined the movement since then, making a difference in their own communities.

This Is How America Pays for College


Wondering how America pays for college? Last week, Sallie Mae released its annual report, How America Pays for College 2014, which breaks down how students 18-24 and their families are navigating through tuition and fees at colleges and universities. The results are a telling picture of where the nation stands financially when it comes to postsecondary education. Here are just a few of the key points from that report -- and why they’re important.

Congratulations to Our Dollars for Scholars Regional Affiliates of the Year!

Scholarship recipients from Marblehead Dollars for Scholars

Scholarship America’s Dollars for Scholars affiliates work tirelessly in communities across the nation to provide scholarships and educational support for local students. Our 500 affiliates are largely volunteer-driven, and completely dedicated to the young people in their communities -- and we are thrilled to honor five of them as our 2014 Regional Affiliates of the Year!

Making Sense of Financial Aid Letters and “Unmet Need”


This spring, college acceptance letters likely rolled in to your son or daughter's inbox, solidifying the hard work that went into his or her high school years. Now that you've celebrated, what's next?

College Access Is Important; College Completion Is Crucial

Completing college means more mobility and higher earnings.

For millions of students across America, this summer is an exciting time of transition. Two of every three high school graduates who walked across the stage this spring are preparing to move onto higher education in the fall. For those young people, the future appears wide open: college will allow them to explore their skills and interests, expand their horizons and prepare for whatever they want to come next.

Support of Minority Scholarships Opens Doors for Everyone


Earlier this year, President Barack Obama launched "My Brother's Keeper," an initiative to unlock the potential of boys and young men of color. The president's memorandum made it clear: There are gaps in opportunity for those who identify as minorities that need to be closed. As part of the initiative, the task force will tackle increasing college completion -- a goal that aligns with the work Scholarship America has done and will do.

In-Depth Higher Education News From Scholarship America

Max Higher Ed Not Debt Photo web

Three times a year, Scholarship America sends out a print newsletter with updates on exciting things happening within the organization, and throughout the world of financial aid. Our recent May issue included an announcement about an exciting partnership, an inspiring story about a student whose scholarship was made possible thanks to Scholarship America staff, and other news. Read on for a quick summary. (The full issue is available here.)

Five Things to Think About When Starting a Scholarship Program

bank on education

There's no question that higher education is important -- and creating a scholarship program can be an invaluable way for your company or foundation to support students and employees. What better way to help deserving students than to help offset the cost of their education? Whether you're an individual, a family, a member of an association or private foundation or a human resources representative for a company, we've laid out five essential factors to guide your scholarship steps.

A Momentous Week For Scholarship America -- and Students

Max Espinoza joins President Obama at the White House

Scholarship America’s founder, Dr. Irving Fradkin, received a congratulatory telegram from President Eisenhower as he began expanding his community-scholarship idea across New England more than 50 years ago. One of the first donations to our national organization came from former First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt. And, this week, Scholarship America renewed our connection to the White House: Max Espinoza, our Senior Vice President of Education Programs and Policy, joined education leaders and student advocates at the White House for two major events. These events are important milestones for our organization -- and even more important for America’s students.

Where Will This Year’s High School Grads Be Next Year?


Caps, gowns and graduation parties are in full force this season, and with good reason: In 2012, the U.S. crossed the 80 percent high school graduation rate, the first time in the nation's history. We'd be remiss if we didn't acknowledge this momentous achievement, especially since GradNation also revealed that the number of students enrolled in "dropout factory" high schools -- schools in which twelfth grade enrollment is 60 percent or less than ninth grade enrollment three years earlier -- decreased 47 percent over the past decade.

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