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More Volunteer Opportunities for Students Mean More Scholarship Dollars

Volunteers in action

On October 14, 1960, then-Senator John F. Kennedy delivered an impromptu presidential campaign speech to University of Michigan students, urging them to "contribute part of [their] life to this country" through international service -- the impetus for the Peace Corps, which began the following year. That challenge to serve more than 50 years ago still rings true for students today, as volunteering -- both domestically and internationally -- contributes to a healthier, more productive society.

Scholarship America Helps Students Focus on the Finish Line

Meet Hannah

At Scholarship America, we’ve provided more than $3.1 billion in scholarship assistance to students across the nation and the world since our founding in 1958. Those students are at the center of everything we do -- because when high school kids become college graduates, we all win.


5 Tools to Give Your Local Students Scholarship Coaching

Your local students can use scholarship coaching.

Searching and applying for scholarships is a daunting process, and not just for students trying to navigate this on their own. Parents, guidance counselors and volunteers who want to offer assistance can also become easily frustrated, because even though the Internet is filled with excellent tools and resources that should simplify the process, finding the most useful material is half the battle. 

First-Generation FAFSA Advice for Parents and their Students

First-generation FAFSA advice to help your son or daughter graduate

Every parent dreams of seeing their kid graduate from college -- and for parents who may not have gone to college themselves, their son or daughter’s degree is an incredibly important achievement.

Why you should support scholarship programs this holiday season

Graduate receives scholarship

As December 31 draws near, you’ll no doubt find your mailbox stuffed with solicitations from local and national charities hoping you’ll give just one more dollar to their cause -- more often than not a worthy one. Unless your name is Ebenezer Scrooge, you’re likely to feel more generous during the holiday season, and will donate extra time or money to your favorite charity. (Plus, the tax break you might get in a few months will be a nice added bonus.)

Left-Handed Scholarships, Unclaimed Money and Other Scholarship Myths

Left handed scholarships for college students resized 600

If you’re the parent of a current or soon-to-be college-aged student, paying for school is on your mind a lot. You’ve likely helped your kid fill out forms, talk with advisers and search for scholarship opportunities, and so you’ve seen how overwhelming it can be. And, at some point, someone probably tried to reassure you with this: "Aw, heck, there’re all kinds of scholarships out there. You can win a scholarship just for being left-handed. And I heard that there are a ton of scholarships that no one even claims!"

What are tuition management services?

Students, parents and employees can all benefit from tuition management services.

From students applying for financial aid to parents making sense of a college bill, tuition can be a complicated process. That’s why tuition management services can be invaluable to just about any kind of business.

Dollars for Scholars Volunteers: The Best of the Best

Dollars for Scholars volunteers of all ages help students.

What comes to mind when you think of the word "volunteer?"  Maybe you think of long hours, no pay and menial tasks.  Or maybe you think that volunteering is only for older people.

Donate to financial aid and scholarships for maximum impact

OpportunityAhead resized 600

It’s conventional wisdom that education is crucial; that scholarships are a huge part of paying for higher ed; and that donating to financial aid and scholarship programs is important. But, with so many messages out there, it’s often challenging to see just how supporting financial aid actually makes a difference.

Parents, Tell Your Daughters About These Great Scholarships for Women

Your daughter or granddaughter can find plenty of scholarships for women.

If you’re like most parents of high school-aged kids, there’s a good chance that every time you read about the skyrocketing cost of a college education, your heart rate speeds up at the thought of paying that massive tuition bill for four straight years. (Or, at the even scarier thought of saddling your child with student loan debt that will take them years to pay off.)

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