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Financial Aid Letters Have Arrived: Now What?


April is Financial Literacy Month; it's also the month in which students throughout Dollars for Scholars communities are receiving financial aid letters from their current or prospective colleges. As your affiliate volunteer work focuses on evaluating and awarding scholarship applications, here are three ways to help students understand and maximize their financial aid packages.

Why Trade, Vocational and Technical School Scholarship Programs Are Crucial


Finding a job isn't always easy. Finding a job without the right credentials is even harder. This can especially be true for employees in a trade or technical field, where having a specific set of skills to do a job is required.

How Your Kid Can Find Grants for College

college graduates

Here at Scholarship America, we're committed to postsecondary access and completion. That's why, in addition to scholarships, we advise parents and students to investigate grants to help pay for college, too. Knowing about and applying for both sources of aid increases your student's chances of staying in college and receiving that hard-earned diploma.

Reducing Student Loan Debt in Your Community

Senator Warren speaks about student loan debt

Alaskans have an average of $28,782 of it. Residents of Delaware have $33,649. Wherever you may live, student loan debt is a problem that hits home. Seven in 10 college seniors owe a national average of $29,400 in student loans. Combine that with 37 million student borrowers, and you have a $1 trillion (and growing) crisis. That’s right: Student loans are the biggest form of consumer debt outside of mortgages.

Nationwide Efforts Support Local Students at Scholarship America

The Scholar - News from Scholarship America

When students earn scholarships in their own hometowns, the money for college is only part of the reward. Those scholarship recipients are also going into college knowing that their community believes in their potential and their dreams. Organizations that support local students provide educational funding; perhaps more importantly, they also provide a healthy dose of confidence as their kids head off to higher education.

Scholarships for College Students Exist -- Here's How to Help Your Kid Earn Them

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No matter how many times you’ve said goodbye to your college kid on their way back to campus, parting is rife with mixed emotions: excitement for their college career, along with potential loneliness if you’re returning to a much quieter home. However, your role as a parent can still mean providing invaluable assistance -- including navigating the financial aid world to ensure that your student not only gets into college, but stays there.

The Far-Reaching Impact of the Student Debt Crisis

student loan costs

A trillion dollars. That’s a massive number. It’s larger than the gross domestic product of 175 countries.  No company in the Fortune 500 produces even half that much in annual revenue. The franchises in all four major American pro sports are worth barely 10 percent of a trillion dollars, combined. And it’s also how much America’s college graduates owe on their student loans.

How Engineering Scholarships Can Pay Off for Your Kids

future scientist

Have you heard of "Joey Marshmallow?" Two years ago, then-14-year-old inventor Joey Hudy shot to fame when he demonstrated his marshmallow cannon to President Barack Obama at the White House, with the president getting his chance to participate in the marshmallow firing.

Success By Degrees: Scholarships Beyond Freshman Year

Scholarships for Freshmen

You thought you had paying for college all figured out, didn’t you? Long before that first tuition check was due, you enlisted the help of your parents and diligently filled out the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid), scoring a decent package of government grants and loans. And even though financial aid didn’t cover everything, your plan to pay the rest of the bill – through your leftover summer job money, your parents’ checkbook, and a handful of scholarships – worked out beautifully.

How to Make Tuition Assistance Fit in Your Talent Management Program


When most people think of employee benefits, they think of things like health insurance, vacation and other perks. In addition to these valuable programs, an increasingly important benefit for human resources departments to consider adding is tuition assistance. Given the country’s need for a highly-educated workforce, an education benefit is a timely and effective tool to integrate into your talent management program. 

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