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Introducing Helen Montie: 2014 Scholarship America National Student Volunteer of the Year

Helen Montie

Congratulations to Helen Montie of Lincoln, Massachusetts, Scholarship America's 2014 National Student Volunteer of the Year! Helen was nominated for the award by her local Dollars for Scholars affiliate, Lincoln-Sudbury Scholarship Fund Dollars for Scholars, and received a $1,000, four-year renewable scholarship.

Meet The Dollars for Scholars Student Volunteer Award Winners (Part 3 of 3)

Dollars for Scholars Student Volunteer Award Winners

It has been our pleasure to introduce the first two groups of Scholarship America Dollars for Scholars Student Volunteer Award recipients; here are the rest of this illustrious group of 20 students, each of whom earned $1,000 scholarships for embodying the spirit of volunteerism in Dollars for Scholars communities!

Meet The Dollars for Scholars Student Volunteer Award Winners (Part 2 of 3)

Dollars for Scholars Student Volunteer Award Winners

Last week, you met the first five of our Scholarship America Dollars for Scholars Student Volunteer Award winners: outstanding students who earned $1,000 awards for embodying the spirit of volunteerism in our Dollars for Scholars communities. We’re pleased to introduce you to seven more of these remarkable students today!

Education Assistance Services Paid Off for General Motors

GM Foundation logo

In 2012, Carmen Gil received a life-changing call. She was selected to receive a $25,000-per-year scholarship from the Buick Achievers Scholarship Program, one of the largest scholarship programs in the country, which is funded by the General Motors Foundation.

Meet The Dollars for Scholars Student Volunteer Award Winners (Part 1 of 3)

hero banner sva small

Scholarship America's Dollars for Scholars communities work every day on a local, grassroots level to help their students get a college degree. Student volunteers are an invaluable resource in those communities, and the Student Volunteer Award (SVA) is Scholarship America's way of honoring students who embody the volunteer spirit of Dollars for Scholars.

Make a Difference by Supporting Scholarships This Graduation Season


This spring, there's a palpable excitement in school hallways across the country -- graduation is approaching, and, for many high school seniors, college is just around the corner. Whether your own child or other students in your neighborhood are graduating, the sense of accomplishment in receiving a diploma is well-deserved.

Your Volunteering Can Drive College Success

Decorah Community School District Foundation Dollars for Scholars

Despite the rising costs of higher education, a college degree remains the single best way for young Americans to find fulfilling careers. College graduates are likely to earn more money, live healthier and happier lives, and contribute more to civic life than their peers whose education ends with high school.

Financial Aid Letters Have Arrived: Now What?


April is Financial Literacy Month; it's also the month in which students throughout Dollars for Scholars communities are receiving financial aid letters from their current or prospective colleges. As your affiliate volunteer work focuses on evaluating and awarding scholarship applications, here are three ways to help students understand and maximize their financial aid packages.

Why Trade, Vocational and Technical School Scholarship Programs Are Crucial


Finding a job isn't always easy. Finding a job without the right credentials is even harder. This can especially be true for employees in a trade or technical field, where having a specific set of skills to do a job is required.

How Your Kid Can Find Grants for College

college graduates

Here at Scholarship America, we're committed to postsecondary access and completion. That's why, in addition to scholarships, we advise parents and students to investigate grants to help pay for college, too. Knowing about and applying for both sources of aid increases your student's chances of staying in college and receiving that hard-earned diploma.

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