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Where Will This Year’s High School Grads Be Next Year?


Caps, gowns and graduation parties are in full force this season, and with good reason: In 2012, the U.S. crossed the 80 percent high school graduation rate, the first time in the nation's history. We'd be remiss if we didn't acknowledge this momentous achievement, especially since GradNation also revealed that the number of students enrolled in "dropout factory" high schools -- schools in which twelfth grade enrollment is 60 percent or less than ninth grade enrollment three years earlier -- decreased 47 percent over the past decade.

Make a Difference by Supporting Scholarships This Graduation Season


This spring, there's a palpable excitement in school hallways across the country -- graduation is approaching, and, for many high school seniors, college is just around the corner. Whether your own child or other students in your neighborhood are graduating, the sense of accomplishment in receiving a diploma is well-deserved.

Why Trade, Vocational and Technical School Scholarship Programs Are Crucial


Finding a job isn't always easy. Finding a job without the right credentials is even harder. This can especially be true for employees in a trade or technical field, where having a specific set of skills to do a job is required.

Why you should support scholarship programs this holiday season

Graduate receives scholarship

As December 31 draws near, you’ll no doubt find your mailbox stuffed with solicitations from local and national charities hoping you’ll give just one more dollar to their cause -- more often than not a worthy one. Unless your name is Ebenezer Scrooge, you’re likely to feel more generous during the holiday season, and will donate extra time or money to your favorite charity. (Plus, the tax break you might get in a few months will be a nice added bonus.)

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