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[VIDEO] Dollars for Scholars: Local Scholarships, National Support

Volunteer With Dollars for Scholars!

“My dream is to use Dollars for Scholars so that any community can change the young people in its own backyard.” —Dr. Irving Fradkin, Founder of Scholarship America Dollars for Scholars

Your Volunteering Can Drive College Success

Decorah Community School District Foundation Dollars for Scholars

Despite the rising costs of higher education, a college degree remains the single best way for young Americans to find fulfilling careers. College graduates are likely to earn more money, live healthier and happier lives, and contribute more to civic life than their peers whose education ends with high school.

More Volunteer Opportunities for Students Mean More Scholarship Dollars

Volunteers in action

On October 14, 1960, then-Senator John F. Kennedy delivered an impromptu presidential campaign speech to University of Michigan students, urging them to "contribute part of [their] life to this country" through international service -- the impetus for the Peace Corps, which began the following year. That challenge to serve more than 50 years ago still rings true for students today, as volunteering -- both domestically and internationally -- contributes to a healthier, more productive society.

5 Tools to Give Your Local Students Scholarship Coaching

Your local students can use scholarship coaching.

Searching and applying for scholarships is a daunting process, and not just for students trying to navigate this on their own. Parents, guidance counselors and volunteers who want to offer assistance can also become easily frustrated, because even though the Internet is filled with excellent tools and resources that should simplify the process, finding the most useful material is half the battle. 

Dollars for Scholars Volunteers: The Best of the Best

Dollars for Scholars volunteers of all ages help students.

What comes to mind when you think of the word "volunteer?"  Maybe you think of long hours, no pay and menial tasks.  Or maybe you think that volunteering is only for older people.

Volunteer to help students with financial aid and scholarship forms!

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For high-school students preparing for college, the world of financial aid and scholarships can be a daunting, confusing place. The sheer number of advice books, blog posts, calculators, forms and deadline are overwhelming at the best of times. Coupled with the stress of admissions, tests and moving away from home, they can seem even more impossible to grasp -- especially for students who may be the first in their family to go to college.

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