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How To Find A Dollars for Scholars Chapter In Your Hometown

For students across the country, the dream of completing college is getting more expensive every year. Whether you’re aiming for a technical education, a four-year university degree, a master’s or a doctorate, your tuition costs are going up by around 8 percent annually -- meaning it’ll cost twice as much to go to college as it did just ten years ago. Fortunately, there are plenty of people, agencies and organizations out there who are committed to helping students make this investment in their futures -- and few are more dedicated or widespread than Scholarship America Dollars for Scholars.


Dollars for Scholars Student Volunteer of the Year 2012, Finnie Ng

Founded in Fall River, Massachusetts in 1958, Dollars for Scholars has awarded more than $500 million to students all across America. There are currently more than 700 Dollars for Scholars affiliates working on behalf of local students in their communities, and whether you’re a scholarship seeker, an aspiring volunteer or a supporter of education, they have something to offer you.


To find a Dollars for Scholars chapter in your community, just visit the Dollars for Scholars Chapter Search on our website. Enter your ZIP code or your city and state, and you’ll find the affiliate chapters nearest you, along with contact information and links to their website. And even if you don’t have a chapter nearby -- Dollars for Scholars can still help!


Dollars for Scholars -- For Students


If there is a Dollars for Scholars affiliate near your hometown or school district, your next step after searching for them is to visit their website or get in touch and find out how to apply for scholarships.


While many of our affiliates have used paper or printable applications in the past, all of them are now moving to a fully online, one-stop application system. You can visit your chapter’s website or go directly to the Dollars for Scholars Student Center to create your free profile; that profile will allow you to match to all of your local chapter’s scholarships for 2013 -- and if you keep it updated, you’ll continue to match to scholarships throughout all of your high school, college and even graduate school years!


If there isn’t an affiliate chapter near you, you should still create a profile. Scholarship America partners with Fastweb, the nation’s largest free scholarship search, and your profile information is also used to match to their database of over 1.5 million scholarship programs.


Volunteering With Dollars for Scholars


Our tens of thousands of dedicated volunteers are the heart of our Dollars for Scholars affiliate chapters. In their communities, volunteers do everything from raising funds and maintaining websites to evaluating scholarship applications and hosting award ceremonies. Along the way, they get to connect with hundreds of grateful students -- and help those students achieve their college dreams.


To volunteer for Dollars for Scholars in your community, just search for your local chapter and get in touch via their email address or website. If you don’t find a Dollars for Scholars chapter where you live, don’t worry -- we have all the information you need to start a chapter right on our website! Either way, it’s an incredibly rewarding way to give back to young people close to home.


Support Your Local Student: Donate to Dollars for Scholars


Last but certainly not least, if you’re looking to help fund scholarships in your community, it’s easy to find a Dollars for Scholars chapter to support!


Scholarship America’s online donation site features a button to Direct Your Donation; click that button and you’ll be able to search for your local Dollars for Scholars affiliate. Once you find it, you can donate directly to their scholarship fund via our secure form. (If you want to support a specific scholarship within the chapter, you can let us know that too!) Thanks to our large nationwide network and sterling reputation for fiscal responsibility, you can be assured that the highest possible percentage of your gift will go to making a big impact on the life of a local student.


Scholarship America Dollars for Scholars has been around for more than 50 years. And whether you’re a student, a volunteer or a donor, finding a Dollars for Scholars affiliate near you will make a difference!


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