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Nationwide Efforts Support Local Students at Scholarship America

The Scholar - News from Scholarship AmericaWhen students earn scholarships in their own hometowns, the money for college is only part of the reward. Those scholarship recipients are also going into college knowing that their community believes in their potential and their dreams. Organizations that support local students provide educational funding; perhaps more importantly, they also provide a healthy dose of confidence as their kids head off to higher education.


Scholarship America was founded in 1958 as a way to offer just that kind of local support to students in Fall River, Mass. As we’ve grown into a national organization, we continue to do so. The brand new issue of The Scholar, our quarterly newsletter, focuses on the ways in which our national efforts help us support local students more effectively:


“For more than 50 years, Scholarship America has been helping students pay for college through our programs – has, in fact, distributed $3.1 billion to 2 million students since 1958. Our flagship program, Dollars for Scholars, helps local volunteers provide local scholarships to hometown students. And our Dreamkeepers program provides thousands of dollars in emergency financial assistance to students at community colleges across the country – because no student should have to choose between paying an electric bill and paying for tuition.

“Through the years, we’ve helped these local affiliates with a range of services and support, including providing training opportunities, materials, and expert advice. For the bulk of our history, affiliates were autonomous and independent – and while we value flexibility and diversity, it became increasingly clear that a more clearly coordinated effort, tied with a truly national brand, would help elevate the national organization and all its affiliates to assure greater success in support of students.

“‘As a result of our large number of affiliates across the country, Scholarship America is positioned to be driving impact on both the local and national level,’ said Lauren Segal, President and CEO, Scholarship America.”

The newsletter also features an interview with Scholarship America supporters Bill and Sharon Richardson, who sponsor a scholarship to support local students through Fairmont (MN) Dollars for Scholars -- and who also belong to the Jefferson Society, our national leadership giving circle.


“‘We appreciate what Scholarship America has done and are so impressed with the Dollars for Scholars chapter in Fairmont and what good work they’ve done with Scholarship America’s support. We like to think that this can be fostered in communities throughout the rest of the country. Our gift to Scholarship America is our way of supporting those efforts,’ said Bill.”

The Winter 2014 issue of The Scholar also covers some big organizational news:


  • Scholarship America has completed our acquisition of ACT’s Scholarship Recognition Services division. Like Scholarship America’s Scholarship Management Services (SMS) division, ACT SRS found success in offering scholarship administration services to corporations, foundations and government agencies; the acquisition expands our client diversity and revenue by 30 percent, and increases our annual scholarship disbursement by more than $30 million.

  • We are planning now for a national event in Spring 2015 to spotlight the importance of making post-secondary success possible for all students. This dinner in New York will honor those who have made a significant impact on helping students complete their college education. Sponsorship opportunities are available; to find out more about supporting the event, call Marian Marchese at 215-459-6085 or email partnerships@scholarshipamerica.org.


Here at Scholarship America, we work every day to ensure that our national efforts support local students in communities across the nation and around the globe. To make sure you don’t miss out on important news about these efforts, click below to subscribe to The Scholar!


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