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Providing More than Scholarships: Mentoring, Coaching and Wrap-Around Support

Jun 29, 2018

Scholarships are a vital way of closing the gap between students’ financial aid and the constantly growing cost of higher education. That gap causes countless students to struggle, stop out or drop out of college—and at Scholarship America, our mission is to keep that from happening.

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Why Scholarships Are Vital for Low-Income Students and Families

Jun 12, 2018

We have said it before, but it bears repeating as often as possible: higher education has never been more important, but it’s also never been more expensive. For students from low-income families, this is a catch-22 of massive proportions. If college were accessible and affordable, they’d have a better chance to break the cycle of generational poverty; instead, the struggle to pay for higher education can leave students in dire financial straits.

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Thankful for a Scholarship? Here are Three Ways to Pay It Forward

Jun 01, 2018

In a perfect world, every scholarship would perpetuate another scholarship. After all, private scholarships help millions of students fill in the gap between financial aid and the cost of attendance. That means more college graduates earning higher salaries and carrying less debt—and that also means more people with the means to give back to scholarships.

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Scholarship America’s 2018 Dreams To Success Event Is Bigger Than Ever

May 07, 2018

Since 2015, Scholarship America has hosted an annual salute to student success and those who make it possible. On May 22, 2018, we’re celebrating our biggest Dreams to Success event yet: a whole day of inspiration, education and celebration centered on students and their champions. Registration remains open through the end of this week. If you’re thinking of joining us in Washington later this month, here’s what’s in store.

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To Test or Not to Test: Helping Students Navigate Test Prep

Apr 19, 2018

At the beginning of 2018, the National Center for Fair and Open Testing reported over 1,000 colleges and universities have made ACT/SAT scores optional in their admissions process. Many factors contribute to this trend, including recent studies suggesting GPA is a better predictor of college success than test scores and that test requirements deter many qualified first-generation students. This is because the tests have typically favored more affluent students who can afford to take multiple...

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Reality Check: What “Higher Education” Really Means in 2018

Apr 09, 2018

Since Scholarship America’s founding in 1958, we have consistently grown and changed along with  the world of higher education. Our original, community-based scholarship programs still operate today—but they, along with our other services, are flexible, always aiming to meet the most pressing needs of students.

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Financial Aid Displacement: What Families and Scholarship Providers Should Know

Mar 13, 2018

Students and their families are often surprised to realize some colleges reduce their financial aid packages when the student earns private scholarship dollars—a practice called financial aid displacement or award displacement. Colleges that practice displacement say it helps free up more funds for more students; students and families say it unfairly punishes those making the effort to earn scholarships. Whatever your perspective, it’s a complicated issue without easy answers.

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Meet Tiara Wills: 2017 Dream Award Recipient

Mar 06, 2018

We are thrilled to have such a diverse and interesting class of Dream Award recipients! Tiara's story concludes our series on each of the ten 2017 students. Check out previous student stories by visiting our Success By Degrees blog.

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Mentoring Matters: Here's How You Can Help Students Benefit

Feb 28, 2018

Financial support alone is not enough to get students through school.  This is nothing new; research has proven time and time again that often more barriers emerge once a student has started to pursue their education, even if they have adequate financial aid to pay tuition. Food insecurity and homelessness are common struggles, and simply feeling out of place can often lead to burnout. While additional grants and food pantries can help alleviate some of these stresses, it can be more...

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Myth vs. Fact: Scholarships for Veterans, Adults Returning to School and More

Feb 21, 2018

If you’re applying for scholarships—or if you’re guiding students, managing awards or helping a family member—you know we’ve hit the busiest part of the financial aid calendar. Many state FAFSA deadlines are approaching; colleges are beginning to put together aid packages for current and potential students; scholarship application deadlines come and go nearly every day.

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