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#RealCollege: A Mission to Secure College Students’ Basic Needs

Oct 05, 2018

By Matt Konrad

Discussions about financial aid and student support tend to focus on big costs, big numbers and big trends: skyrocketing tuition; trillion-dollar student loan debt; and deep cuts in state aid to higher ed. But those conversations, important as they are, don’t tell the whole story. For millions of students, the struggle to get through college comes down to questions that are far more basic. Their educational success hinges on issues that most of us take for granted:

Can I...

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Congratulations to Roxanne "Rocky" Thompson: 2018 Dollars for Scholars National Volunteer of the Year

Sep 24, 2018

By Krista Amundson

Roxanne "Rocky" Thompson has spent over 20 years volunteering her time and talents to the Swanville Dollars for Scholars chapter. The organization in the small Minnesota community of 350 has awarded over $630,000 in scholarships to local students since it was founded in 1987. Rocky’s contribution to Dollars for Scholars has been recognized with her selection as the 2018 Ralph “Cy” Seifert National Volunteer of the Year.

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Three Ways Your Scholarship Program Can Turn Students into Graduates

Sep 21, 2018

Scholarships are a vital piece of the financial aid puzzle. According to Sallie Mae’s most recent How America Pays for College report, nearly half of all families used scholarship aid when it came to paying for college—and scholarships and grants covered 35 percent of the total cost of higher education. That makes scholarship aid the single largest resource that families are using to pay for school. And it also means that, as scholarship providers, we need to ensure those millions of...

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Meet The 2018 Dream Award Recipients: Jaquaious Little

Sep 13, 2018

By Joan Cronson

Growing up in a small town in Mississippi in a single-parent household, Jaquaious (Jay) Little had limited access to resources and experienced lots of change. His mother and father broke up very early on in his life. His mother later married and divorced his stepfather when he was in first grade. She completed college with a degree in education and became a preschool teacher to support their family.

“My mother told me that education is a great equalizer,” Jay said. “Her...

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Congratulations to Kaylee Logan: 2018 Dollars for Scholars National Student Volunteer of the Year

Sep 06, 2018

By Jack Ross

Kaylee Logan learned how to keep busy at a young age. She was playing roller hockey at age three and got involved with 4-H at age ten. That led to joining FFA as a teenager, and her passion for helping others and serving her community has only continued to grow. 

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Meet The 2018 Dream Award Recipients: Chantel Lewis-Cummings

Aug 30, 2018

By Emilee Tullar

It is a long road from a rough neighborhood in Savannah, Georgia to the executive suite, but that’s Chantel Lewis-Cummings’ path. 

When she was just two years old, Chantel's father was killed. She moved in with her grandmother in Savannah. A few years later her grandmother's health began to decline and she lost her job. With no income, they were evicted and had to move into Chantel's great-aunt's basement. That was when Chantel's mother, who had been away at school, moved...

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Financial Stress Prevents College Students from Graduating. What Can We Do?

Aug 21, 2018

There’s an old piece of wisdom that “being rich means you don’t have to think about money.” The source of that quote is long lost, but it remains as true as ever—and for too many students and families, the opposite is equally true. If you’re struggling with finances, money is never far from your mind. Higher education is a way out; unfortunately, the very financial stress students are trying to escape can make it harder to earn a degree. Can scholarships and support services help students...

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Meet The 2018 Dream Award Recipients: Denis Cruz

Aug 10, 2018

By Emilee Tullar

The saying "nothing is impossible" characterizes Denis Cruz and his philosophy on life. Born in Honduras, Denis spent his childhood in a small village with his mother. The entire village lived in poverty, but Denis's family was among the poorest of the poor. In order to provide for her family, Denis's mother took a job in Spain, leaving him to live with his grandmother.

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5 Steps to Help First-Generation Students Navigate Funding for College

Aug 02, 2018

By Krista Amundson

Navigating how to pay for college may seem like an overwhelming task – especially if you are a first-generation college student. You may feel like you have been dropped into in a maze of loans, scholarships and grants where a wrong turn could end in a huge loan bill at the end of your studies.

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Meet The 2018 Dream Award Recipients: Rachel Muir

Jul 27, 2018

By Emilee Tullar

Our circumstances—where we’re born, our family’s history, our economic status—play an outsized role in shaping our identity in the world. For Rachel Muir, those circumstances weren’t the ones that usually lead to higher education.

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