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Introducing the 2019 Dream Award Selection Committee

Mar 11, 2019

Scholarship America’s Dream Award is a unique renewable scholarship fund for students in their sophomore year of college and beyond. Too often, students receive ample scholarship aid during their freshman year—but too little to keep them in school beyond that. The Dream Award is a national initiative to help ensure talented students with high financial need can afford to complete the degree programs they’ve started.

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Dream Award Recipient Amanda Condon: Overcoming Odds, Reaching Milestones

Dec 12, 2018

By Amanda Condon

Editor's Note: Amanda Condon was a member of the 2016 class of Scholarship America Dream Award recipients. We are proud to publish this guest post from Amanda, letting us know where she is now—and what great things she's doing.

I was an honors student in middle school: ambitious, creative and driven. From the outside looking in, my family was a typical rural household that thrived on hard work and education. I was the second of four children and the leader of my siblings....

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The Dream Award Kept These Students On Track For A Bright Future

Mar 15, 2016

Scholarship America’s Dream Award is uniquely focused on college completion. It’s awarded to students who’ve already started their postsecondary career – but who may not be able to afford to finish it. The 24 students who have earned Dream Award scholarships since the program began are incredible, inspiring young people – and we’d like to introduce you to two of them today. Read on to learn about the remarkable stories of Mary Sun and Rashid Elsamra.

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Scholarships Fill in the FAFSA Gap

Feb 06, 2015

A new year typically marks a crucial time for students and their families, as colleges and universities across the country begin to make admissions decisions for the fall semester. Those decisions impact where students enroll -- and which schools they can afford.

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Janelle Is Still In College Thanks To You

Dec 19, 2014

Two years ago, Janelle Wiser found herself drowning in responsibilities. As a college sophomore, she had many burdens to bear: working four jobs to keep afloat financially, juggling a full course load to continue her schooling, and picking up extra work hours to send money home to her family. The work was too much, forcing Janelle to drop extracurricular activities and a class that she had been struggling with -- and threatening to make her quit school entirely.

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Dream Award Winners Get The Scholarship Surprise of a Lifetime

May 27, 2014

The Scholarship America Dream Award was established to provide growing, renewable scholarships to help current college students complete their degrees. After reviewing thousands of applications, the selection committee chose the twelve remarkable students below as the first class of recipients; they were introduced to the nation on the May 23 episode of Katie, the daytime talk show hosted by Dream Award supporter Katie Couric.

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